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Quick Links to Simple Copper Rectangles

(Dimensions in mm)

25x6; 30x6; 40x6;50x6;

25x8; 30x8; 40x8; 50x8;

14x10; 20x10; 25x10; 32x1038x10; 44x10; 50x10; 60x10;

33x12; 38x12;

22x1526.5x15; 30x15; 40x15; 45x15; 50x15; 60x15;


30x20; 35x20; 50x20;

41x25; 47x29; 50x35; 50x40; 65x40; 75x50;

Simple rectangles are sold in packs of 10 except for the largest 50x75mm size where the pack size is 2.

We can cut copper rectangles to size in various gauges by special order, please contact us for a quote.