Ideas & Inspiration

On this page we will share creative ideas for how our copper blanks can be used and will expand the content over time. We hope that you might find a little copper shape inspiration here !

 Making Jewellery

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Our customers are creating fantastic jewellery using copper blanks, which can be incorporated in to wide variety of designs.

Copper lends itself to various coatings and treatments and of course can easily be stamped and engraved.

One of our favourites is Broken Gypsy Bracelets in New York who make and sell a unique range of fabulous looking bracelets. 


We also love the images.jpgwork of Katie Johnson who enamels with multiple firings to build up depth of colour. Katie browses through junk shops and car boot sales looking for little bits of ‘treasure’ to incorporate in her work, including some of the patterns fired in to her enamels.






firepainted-swallow.pngFire Painting

One of our customers, Ron Kamerlink in Murphys California, is skilled in the art of fire painting using an oxy-propane torch to paint colours on to a metal base.

Ron sells his work through his thriving etsy shop at:

Practitioners of this art will spend years developing techniques to create patterns of purple, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, rose, and black. The skills required are a blend of creativity, science and metalwork and specialists can create some beautiful pieces of art.

Opportunity for experimentation are endless and craftsmen and women will use mixtures of chemically induced patinas, heating, cooling, quenching, waxing and lacquering to get the finish the want.

Shown on this page are copper blanks 918 (dragonfly), 462 (starfish), 446 (scarf buckle) and 425 (bracelet pieces), all fire painted by Ron Kamerlink of Wild Hare Design.





We also love Colin Alexander’s YouTube site which shows some of the skills that are used in using fire painting to create beautiful artwork.


The Enamel Butterfly Gallery

This is part of a collection of butterflies enamelled on our copper blanks which were found in the Harrison family loft recently. They were created by my grandfather over 30 years ago! You will find all of these blanks still in our shop today in the bugs and butterflies section. 


Bracelets & Necklaces

Different sizes of daisy work well together for bracelets and necklaces. Here we see catalogue #484 and #485 used together.


 The copper blank #484 looks odd on its own but is very effective when enamelled and assembled



There are many ways in which millefiori can be used to create beautiful effects. We are currently expanding our range which can be viewed on our millefiori product page.



 Painting & Artwork

Serious artwork can require copper sheet in a variety of sizes and we can provide copper cut to order in a number of different gauges, please enquire via our Contact Page. This portrait of the poet WB Yeats was made by the well know Irish enameller Richard Casey. This piece is a 6" x 6" square, a size that we do keep in stock.